Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Module 4: Download tools and plug-ins

1. Adobe's pdf reader: I already have this programe/software installed in my computer. It is used often to view PDF web pages/documents. I also have a software called 'Software995' which I use to create PDF files. It is a cheap software that does the job very well.

2. Flash/Shockwave Players: These 'plugins' are a must for interacting with websites that support it. I had to download 'shockwave' software. Both do very similar things according to what I can see.

3. Media Players: I use WMP11 as my default media player. I've also got 'Quicktime' set up just to open files that are set up for it. I will install 'Real One' at a later stage if needed. One thing with these softwares is that they have to be configured properly otherwise they are set to be the default media players in your computer.

4. Search Manager/Combiners: I downloaded 'Glooton' and 'Copernic Meta for PC'. I found Glooton to be a very slow meta search engine. In fact, the searches never gave me any results at all. Copernic brought up errors with my IE7 when I installed the software (I tried twice with similar results). I installed the programme to see how it works. Maybe I'll like it!

5. Bookmark Manager: I use the default bookmark manager on my internet browser - which suits me well. I often go through the bookmarks and tidy it up. It is portable as I can import or export the bookmarks from one internet browsing software to the next without any changes. All my bookmarks are in a logical order in folders.

6. Offline Browser/Copier: I downloaded 'Pagesucker' and came to the conclusion that it is a great tool for portable devises such as the 'pocket pc' and 'blackberry' etc. A great way to catch up with electronic reading. Not useful to me as yet.

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