Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Module 4: Organising Search Information

Task: We have to choose the best three sources found in the previous task and record the following:
  • The URL
  • The Author
  • The Institution
  • Copy a Summary of the website
  • Explain what software we use to store the information/URL and why we saved it.
Answer 1:
Author: William Stewart
Blurb: " This site is a free, in-depth reference about the Internet, prepared to provide living perspective to this most technological of human inventions. The site was written from 1996 through 1999, posted on January 7, 2000, last updated August 28, 2006, includes 700-odd pages, and receives more than 80,000 visitors a month. It has received input from many of the people that helped build the Internet. Enjoy" (William, n.d.)

Reference: Stewart, William Living Internet. Retrieved January 02, 2007, Web site:

Answer 2:
URL: Author: Dynamic Drive
Blurb: "Welcome to Dynamic Drive's new CSS library! Here you'll find original, practical CSS codes and examples such as CSS menus to give your site a visual boast." (Dynamic Drive, 2006)
Reference: Dynamic Drive, 2006 Retrieved November, 02, 2006, Web site:

Answer 3:
URL: Author:
Blurb: "The award-winning Web browser just got better. It's free and easy to use. Join the millions of people worldwide enjoying a better Web experience. Surf faster and smarter!
The innovative Firefox browser makes surfing the web faster and safer. With the included Google Toolbar, features like AutoFill and SpellCheck will make browsing more convenient. Together, they'll change the way you use the Internet - for free." (, 2006)

Reference:, (Copyright © 2004-2006). Retrieved November, 08, 2004, from Mozilla Firefox Web site:

I save all my useful URLs in the normal default 'bookmark' folder of my web browser. However, I use an addition software called 'Blue Organizer' and 'Blue Mark' (which are free add on software from Mozilla Firefox) to get more information about the links that I have saved.
The websites that I save in my bookmarks are always in folders that I name appropriately (a practice that I have al
ways done) and I generally leave all the current folders open so that I can always see the bookmarks. (See pic below)

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