Saturday, January 13, 2007

Module 4: Website Evaluation

Author: William Stewart
Site Title: The Living Internet

The website that I have chosen is great for resource information about anything to do with the internet. The 'comments and reviews' section of this website speaks for itself. I will be using this site as one of my reference sources for assignment 1.

Reliability and authority...
The name 'William Stewart' on Google search revealed that the author of this website has taken many years to built this website with help and resource from many people. He has also written documents on: The Fun Standard, and runs

Main ideas...
The website has an extensive list of contents - too many to get through. It is regularly updated and has more then 600 pages and 2000 external links. This website is a resource material for anyone that is interested to learn almost anything about the internet.
It is also a great source for links to other useful websites for software, mailing lists etc.

The website was originally written by William Stewart because he saw the power of electronic communication in 1989 during the
Tiananmen Square rebellion in China.
I think that this website now provides information and resource for the all types of internet users - from the beginner to the advanced.

Question: Which part of the site is most useful to me to refer back to?

Answer: When I first stumbled across the website (The Living Internet), the first three titles on the main contents page ('The Internet', 'World Wide Web' and 'Electronic Mail') took my interest. I guess the main reason was because of easy and simple way that things are explained in reference to these subjects. It relates directly to this subject (NET11) and the whole 'Internet Studies' course.

Question: How will other users find this site useful?

Answer: I think that there is a vast amount of material in this website for all levels of internet learners and users. Personally, I think that users of the website will appreciate the way that the website is simple to read and understand for new internet users and equally as engaging for advanced internet users.

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