Monday, February 19, 2007

Module 5 - Concepts Assignment

26th January, 2007

I've looked at the second (concepts) assignment and I find it very confusing. Hopefully there will be more discussions on the board about it. I find that the discussions by other students answer a lot of my questions about the assignments - I just hope that a lot of us think alike!

1st February, 2007

There has been some discussion on the WebCT, however I'm still confused. I've managed to understand that the concepts document has to include at least 2 critical articles and three examples of our own. What else? What am I meant to write about?

Actually, I'm getting a bit frustrated - its a good thing because it makes me seek answers.

2nd February, 2007

It has become a bit clear now. Last night I searched the web about my 'concept' topic and found some direction. I think that I will end up with more then 1500 words with what I can write. I guess the whole idea of this assignment is to be precise in answering the question - no waffling on!!!!!

8th February, 2007

I'm confused again. The discussions on the WebCT are concluding that I'm on the wrong track. I'll keep persisting with finding answers - I feel a bit ashamed to ask silly questions on the discussion board - my fault.

12th February, 2007

I've started putting together a plan for my 'concepts' assignment. I plan to write that the internet is not a library because of its non systematic classification of resources and how net skills can help in finding information. I think that I'm on the right track.

As usual I bet that I'm proven wrong. I don't think that I've ever encountered so much difficulty in understanding what to actually answer in the assignment 'question'. How do I answer it? How do I put it in writing - what form and context?

16th Feb 2007

I've almost completed my draft - hope I'm on the right track. Worried!!! Sleepless nights!!!

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